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Thousands of Centuries Ago

  • The technologically advanced inhabitants of Talos IV are nearly wiped out by a terrible war.  The war makes the surface of the planet uninhabitable, and the few remaining Talosians survive by living underground.  They find this life limiting, so they devote themselves to developing their mental powers, while their technological skills atrophy.  They develop a practice of telepathically sharing illusory experiences with specimens in their menagerie of alien life forms, gathered prior to the war, when the Talosians were a spacefaring people.  The Talosians eventually discover such illusions to be a dangerous narcotic that very nearly destroys what is left of their civilization.

    "The Cage" (TOS).  Vina told Pike about the war “thousands of centuries ago” and its consequences.

Vulcan Old Date 1433

  • The Battle of Deen T'zal.  Vulcan war leader Sorrd of the Clan Archenida captures a 22,890.4-carat emerald from the House of Kawarda. It becomes a symbol of Vulcan and is known as the Glory.

    Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44).  The date is given by Spock, though its conversion to our calendar is uncertain.  It is known that V.O.D. 139,954 is equivalent to 22 B.C. per The Romulan Way (TOS #35) so one would assume that this was about a hundred thousand years ago.

Millennia Ago

  • An advanced but later unknown race visits the Temazi Homeworld.  The Temazi mistake them for gods, and when the aliens stop visiting, they enshrine their leftover weaponry.  The Temazi are violently zealous mono-patheonists, so when other races try to obtain their sacred weapons, they are instantly slaughtered.

    "Thanatos" (EV #16).  Commodore April gave a brief history of the Temazi.

~7750 B.C.

  • The city of Ithahulan is built on Algol II.  It is the site of the mythical Well of Tomorrows, where champions came to divine their futures.

    "Futures, Part I" (EV #12) Colt says the city is ten thousand years old.

~A.D. 250

  • A number of Vulcans flee their homeworld during the Enlightenment and crash-land on Darrien 224, where they develop a society independent of logic.

    "Cloak and Dagger, Part I" (EV #5) Spock says it occured two thousand years ago, matching with other datings of the Enlightenment.


  • Beta Circinus III (Areta) is devastated by nuclear warfare.  A large portion of the surface is rendered uninhabitable due to radiation.  The remaining populace splits into three parts: the townspeople, the nomads, and the mutants.

    Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44).  Spock says it occured 1,457 years ago.


  • Offworlders witness the Festival of Lights on Rigel VII for the first time.  They do not live.

    "Our Dearest Blood" (EV #3).  Pike says no offworlder has seen the Festival of Lights and lived for a thousand years.


  • The first titans, "space whales" capable of warp drive, come to Devernia.

    Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6).  Five hundred years before the novel.


  • The birth of cities on Devernia.

    Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6).  Four hundred years before the novel.

  • The Tholian Assembly annexes the Chakuun, a warrior race.  By the 23rd century, they will willingly serve the Tholians as their elite shock troops in exchange for weapons and ships.

    "The Fallen, Part I" (EV #10) and "The Fallen, Part II" (EV #11).  Spock says this occured "centuries ago"; the Chakuun cohort general says four hundred cycles ago.  This date, however, assumes that a cycle is precisely equivalent to an Earth year, which seems pretty unlikely.


  • August 12.  Captain Nemo, calling himself "Nowan," enters the Captain's Table.  While there, he and the Klingon woman Hompaq listen to a tale told by Fleet Captain Pike.

    Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6).  Nowan gave the date.


  • Some Devernians domesticate the titans and strap airtight tanks to their backs, riding them to the uninhabited planet Aronnia two light-years away and colonizing it.  The Aronnians continue to use the titans for transportation while the remaining Devernians reject the idea.  The titans return to Devernia from Aronnia annually, for that system has more gas giants to feed upon.  They also lay eggs on Devernia, which are destroyed on sight.  Both races harvest the titan dung for valuable minerals.

    Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6).  About two hundred years before the novel.


  • A cure is found for hyper-thyroidism.

    Legacy (TOS #56).  One hundred fifty years ago. (Novel set in 2268).


  • T'Dess has a child with a human male via genetic splicing.  This half-human daughter will become the grandmother of Daniel Reeds.

    Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44).  The child was born sixty years before Spock.


  • Christopher Pike is born in Mojave on Earth.  His father is Josh and his godfather Mahirn.  Pike will someday become captain of the Enterprise for two five-year missions and serve as an instructor at Starfleet Academy.

    The Rift (TOS #57).  Pike comments that he is ten years older than Tyler, born in 2220.  His father and godfather established in "The Flat, Gold Forever" (EV #7).


  • Orloff is born.  He eventually becomes chief of security of the Starship Enterprise.

    Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44).  Orloff was 38 years old.


  • José Tyler is born.  He will later serve as navigator on the Enterprise under Pike and as a commodore in Starfleet.

    Conjecture.  He graduated from the Academy in 2242.


  • The Federation makes first contact with the planet Liria.  The chairman of the first contact council is Ambassador Rajiv Mohindas.  The Lirin Unity operates with a perfectly balanced population, so for an offworld envoy a superfluous extra is deliberately created -- Nano, who will eventually serve as communications officer on the Enterprise.

    Thirty years before "One of a Kind" (EV #9).

  • The Tiberius, commanded by Captain Robert April, is dispatched on a five-year mission.

    "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1) states that April commanded the Tiberius for three five-year missions.


  • Pike enters Starfleet Academy for the adventure.  His classmates include Lucien Murat, Akiko Torunaga, and Kadish of Vulcan, who also became Starfleet legends.

    Assumes he was eighteen years old.  His classmates established in The Forgotten War (TNG #57).


  • S'chn T'gai Spock is born to Ambassador S'chn T'gai Sarek of Vulcan and Amanda Grayson Sarek, formerly of Colorado Springs, Earth, in ShiKahr on Vulcan.

    This conjectural date from the Okudas' Star Trek Chronology is accepted as fact for the basis of this timeline.  Spock and Sarek's first names were established in Ishmael (TOS #23).  Amanda's birthplace was given by Number One in Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44).

  • The Tiberius completes its five-year mission and undergoes standard refit.

    "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1) states that April commanded the Tiberius for three five-year missions.


  • The Tiberius begins its second five-year mission under the command of Captain Robert April.

    "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1) states that April commanded the Tiberius for three five-year missions.


  • Pike graduates from the Academy.  He will make some "whopping mistakes" as a lieutenant but later outgrow them.

    Assumes he graduated at the age of twenty-two.


  • The Tiberius returns to spacedock after completion of her second mission under Robert April.

    "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1) states that April commanded the Tiberius for three five-year missions.

  • The S.S. Columbia crashes on planet Talos IV.  Crew member Vina is the only survivor.  The severely injured Vina is cared for by the Talosians, although their ability to repair her human body is limited by the fact they had never seen a human before.  She is given the illusion of a youthful woman's body.

    "The Cage" (TOS).  Eighteen years prior to the episode (2254).


  • Spock is bonded to T'Pring of the Family of Solen.  It is expected he will marry her when he undergoes pon farr.

    "Amok Time" (TOS).  Spock was seven at the time.

  • The Starship Tiberius is launched on her third five-year mission under Captain April.

    "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1) states that April commanded the Tiberius for three five-year missions.


  • José Tyler enters Starfleet Academy..

    Conjecture.  He graduated in 2242.


  • Ensign José Tyler is assigned to the Tiberius upon his graduation from the Academy.  Captain April straightens out his irresponsibility and hotheaded attitude.

    According to "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1), Tyler served with April aboard the Tiberius and the Enterprise.  Having him graduate during the last year of April's last mission makes him as young as he can possibly be during "The Cage" (TOS) -- thirty-four, which still seems far too old. 

  • The U.S.S. Tiberius completes her third five-year mission under Captain Robert April.

    "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1).  Assumes the ship's third mission wrapped up shortly before April's involvement in the construction of the Enterprise as seen in Final Frontier (TOS).

  • The time barrier is broken, representing a major step forward in warp flight.

    "The Cage" (TOS).  Sometime between 2236 and 2254.  The Star Trek Chronology theorizes this represents an innovation in warp drive.  The original Enterprise, which was launched this year according to Final Frontier (TOS), is said to incorporate a new and faster warp drive.  These two points dovetail nicely.


  • The Enterprise is officially launched.  It is commanded by Captain Robert April and Lieutenant Commander Christopher Pike.  Doctor Philip Boyce is assistant medical officer.

    This conjectural date from the Okudas' Star Trek Chronology is accepted as fact for the basis of this timeline.  Pike's presence established by the timeline in the Starfleet Academy young adult novels.  Boyce's presence is arrived at in a roundabout presence: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44) says he had served with Pike for four years as of 2254 while Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6) says he had been inherited from Captain April.  Hence, he served with Pike from 2245 to 2246 and from 2251 to 2254, a total of four years.


  • Captain Robert April recommends Spock for entrance into Starfleet Academy.  Spock is accepted with no entrance examination due to the fact he is already attending the Vulcan Science Academy, which sets even higher standards.  Spock decides to accept the invitation, despite the word of his father, Sarek, making him the first Vulcan to enter Starfleet Academy.  Sarek will not directly speak to Spock again until the Babel Conference of 2267.

    Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44) establishes Spock was 16 when he entered the Academy.  Crisis on Vulcan (TOS SA#1) establishes the recommendation by Robert April and the fact Spock was the first Vulcan at the Academy.  Note that he was not the first Vulcan in Starfleet; Crisis on Vulcan also established that the U.S.S. Intrepid, whose crew trained at the Science Academy, was in service at that point.  This probably isn't the Constitution-class Intrepid, as Strangers from the Sky (TOS) states it wasn't in service as of 2251.

  • Christopher Pike is promoted to commander and leaves the Enterprise, where he is currently stationed under Robert April.  He is replaced by Commander Lorna Simon.

    Conjecture.  Lorna was first officer in October 2246, according to "Though Hell Should Bar the Way" (TOS EL), while Pike is shown in that position earlier that year by Crisis on Vulcan (TOS SA#1).


  • Cadet Spock, having finished the Starfleet Academy accelerated Vulcan course, spends a year on board various training ships.

    Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44).  Number One says Spock spent two years in the accelerated Vulcan course.


  • Ensign Spock graduates from Starfleet Academy.  He leads his year in astrography, comparative xenobiology, semiotics, quantum mechanics, warp engineering, and four other disciplines.  He is assigned to a space cutter as assistant science officer.

    Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44).  Number One says Spock attended the Academy for three years.  Spock's leading disciplines established in "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1).


  • Captain Christopher Pike takes command of the U.S.S. Yorktown, his third command.  Lieutenant Commander "Number One"  is his first officer and helmsman.

    Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44) established Number One had served with Pike for four years.  This Yorktown is probably not the Constitution-class Yorktown, as it is referred to as old, and furthermore, it is very unlikely Pike would make a lateral transfer from one Constitution-class starship to another.  Also, the Yorktown is not among April's list of Constitution-class starships in service in 2251, as given in Final Frontier (TOS).


  • April.  The Enterprise is launched on its second five-year mission.  Captain Christopher Robert Pike is in command, having transferred from the Yorktown.  Pike was recommended by Robert April, with whom Pike served for a time as first officer on the Enterprise.  Before the ship launches, April and Pike talk in spacedock about commanding the Enterprise.

    Pike's executive officer and helmsman is Number One, who also served with him in the same capacity aboard the Yorktown.  Dermot Cusack, captain's yeoman, also comes aboard from the Yorktown.  Pike inherits Doctor Philip Boyce, chief medical officer; Lieutenant José Tyler, chief navigator; and Chief Moves-With-Burning-Grace, assistant engineer, from April's tenure.  Lieutenant Commander Davies is assigned as second and science officer, Lieutenant Commander Barry as chief engineer, Lieutenant Zacharia as chief of communications, Lieutenant Nano as assistant communications, Lieutenant Sita Mohindas as assistant helmsman, and Nils Pitcairn as transporter operator.

    This conjectural date from the Okudas' Star Trek Chronology is accepted as fact for the basis of this timeline.  Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44) establishes Pike served on the Yorktown.  April's recommendation of Pike established by Final Frontier (TOS); the fact Pike was April's first officer was established in Crisis on Vulcan (TOS SA#1).  The conversation between Pike and April was recounted in flashback in "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1), where the origins of Cusack, Tyler, and Grace were also established.

  • The Enterprise rescues the Zodiac-class shuttle Spitfire, 916-DIY, Cadet James Kirk commanding, from Klingons.  The Klingons had contracted privateers to kidnap Doctor Richard Daystrom, but Kirk and shipmates Ensigns McCoy and Spock had been successful in stopping the privateers' plan.

    Cadet Kirk (TOS SA#3) relates the above incidents.  The novel must take place during Kirk's freshman year (2250 - 51), as Kirk obtained the rank of ensign when he was assigned to train on the
    U.S.S. Republic his freshman year, per Republic (TOS #85).  Ideally, this novel would have been placed in 2250, to allow Kirk more time for his promotions to ensign and lieutenant by the beginning of his sophomore year (2251 -52), but the Enterprise was not under Pike's command then.  A date of 2251 also fits Spock's rank at the time of the story, who is assumed to be on leave from the space cutter he is serving on at this time according to Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44).

  • One of the Enterprise's first missions is to go to Areta.  There, Captain Christopher Pike makes trade contacts between the townspeople and nomadic factions, beginning the unification of the planet.

    Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44).  Though Spock says this occured four years ago, that would place it before the launch of the Enterprise, so the date has been adjusted somewhat.

  • The Aronnians are admitted to the United Federation of Planets when they demonstrate interstellar flight capability to a team of observers.  They claim the titans are the result of biotech, though in actuality they are domesticated wild creatures.

    Conjecture.  A few years before Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6).

  • August.  While on shore leave, Christopher Pike visits his parents in Mojave.  He is introduced to Janeese Carlisle, a woman seeking a career in Starfleet, by mutual friends.  They are lovers by the time leave is over.  As Pike ships out, she is accepted at Starfleet Academy and begins her training.  They maintain subspace contact over the next two years.  Many Enterprise crewmembers, including Number One, expect he will marry her on their next leave at Earth.

    Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44).  Pike recalls they met two and a half years ago.


  • Spock is promoted to lieutenant j.g. and assigned to the U.S.S. Artemis under Captain Daniels as third officer and chief science officer.

    Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44).  Number One says Spock served on the cutter for three years.


  • Lieutenant Commander Davies, the Enterprise's chief science officer, comes down with Virillian toxic fever just before the starship embarks on a survey of the Pathiad Nebulatae.  Lieutenant j.g. Spock of the Artemis serves as science officer for the duration of the mission.

    "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1).  Two years after the launch of the Enterprise.

  • Lieutenant Sepel, husband of Lieutenant T'Pris, is killed in an ambush on Lindoria while both are serving on the Musashi.

    Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44).  Spock says it happened a year ago.

  • Lieutenant Commander Orloff transfers aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.  He is posted as chief of security.  Lieutenant Bradford Wayne, relief helmsman, transfers aboard as well.

    Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44) established that though Orloff had been on the Enterprise for some time, he was still new to the vessel.  Wayne is said to have been aboard for three years, two of which were 2254 and 2255.


  • The Enterprise stops at Earth for upgrades and crew replacements.  Christopher Pike visits his lover, Janeese, but discovers she has fallen in love with another man, an Academy instructor named Tom.

    Prior to Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44).

  • Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44).  February. Spock is promoted to full lieutenant and assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike as second and science officer, replacing Lieutenant Commander Davies.  Lieutenant j.g. Montgomery Scott and Lieutenant T'Pris also come aboard.

    The Enterprise is assigned to return to Areta, where Captain Pike will assess the planet's progress.  While en route, the Enterprise is ordered to change course to planet GS391, where scientists from the Vulcan Science Academy believe He-shii, the ship transporting the Glory, an ancient Vulcan artifact, may have crash-landed.  At GS931, records are discovered indicating the He-shii's lifeboat set off in the direction of Areta.  Upon reaching Areta, the Glory is recovered by a Vulcan team led by Lieutenant Spock, and Captain Pike successfully completes his mission.

    Daniel Reed murders Lieutenant Commander Meadows and Lieutenant T'Pris and steals the Glory.  He believes it is a fake and is trying to gain revenge on Clan Archendia, the ancient keepers of the Glory, by revealing this.  Spock apprehends Reed, and the Glory is proved to be a real emerald.  It is subsequently returned to Vulcan.

    The date was determined by working forward from Spock's birthdate according to the service record given within.

  • The Enterprise transports an ambassadorial party from Starbase 12 to Delta Indus II.  Number One and Chris Pike dine in his quarters.

    After Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44).

  • Number One's father dies.  She is consoled by Lieutenant Spock.

    Legacy (TOS #56).  The incident was seen in Spock's flashback.  Spock is said to have known her for only a few days.

  • Due to increases in brigand activity in the Marrat System, the crew of Starbase 13 begin working on Project Pharos -- the construction of a communications/sensor tower nearby that would broadcast navigational data to all vessels in the nearby Marrat Nebula and log any illegal activity.  The local criminals do everything possible to delay construction, including attacking the base itself.  In addition, Starbase 13 engineers discover a deposit of dilithium on the Pharos siteworld.  The dilithium is so pure it does not need refining.  Despite the fact that the planet is technically unclaimed, the discovery is kept secret to prevent a massive influx of prospectors.

    Some time before "The Fires of Pharos" (EV #2).

  • Carlotti replaces Blayton as head nurse on the Enterprise, coming aboard from the Redoubt.

    Between Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44) and "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1).

  • The U.S.S. Enterprise is diverted from its assignment to the Marrat System to investigate the disappearances of a number of small vessels.  These vessels were found with instrumentation covered by gray slime but otherwise undamaged -- except for the lack of a crew.

    Before "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1).

  • "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1).  April.  Stardate 2252.34.  The Enterprise encounters an enormous spacefaring life-form that ensnares the ship and abducts Captain Pike.  Before he is rescued in an operation lead by Number One, Pike discovers the the alien creature is of a race called the Ngultor that harvests the flesh.  The Enterprise is towed to the Ngultor mothership, which is successfully destroyed by a photon torpedo strike.

  • The Enterprise resumes course toward the Marrat System.  Upon their arrival, the crew discovers that Starbase 13 is under attack by raiders and assists in the battle to repel them.  The brigands include Orions, Arcturans, Khodini, and humans.

    Between "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1) and "The Fires of Pharos" (EV #2).

  • "The Fires of Pharos" (EV #2).  April.  Stardate 2378.1.  The Enterprise successfully repels the raiders from Starbase 13 in the Marrat Nebula.  It then travels to the Pharos siteworld to ascertain why communication was recently lost with the construction crews.  Upon arrival, the Enterprise is attacked by a Klingon battlecruiser under the command of Kaaj, who desires the dilithium deposits in the system.  To stop the Marrat System -- vitally important to a dozen cultures -- from becoming a battleground, Pike orders the destruction of the dilithium deposits.  The resulting explosion lights a fire in the entire planetsphere, creating a natural beacon for the entire sector.  As a result, Kaaj declares blood feud with Pike.

  • Kaaj loses face in the Klingon government due to his loss at the Pharos siteworld.  He is forced to turn rogue.

    After "The Fires of Pharos" (EV #2), according to "Nemesis" (EV #17).

  • Spock begins experiencing problems with his emotional control.  These may stem from the recent death of T'Pris.

    The Rift (TOS #57) mentions Spock's lack of control as an attempt to explain why Spock smiles in "The Cage" (TOS).  The death of T'Pris was seen in Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44), and did indeed cause Spock some emotional trouble in that novel.

  • "Our Dearest Blood" (EV #3).  June.  Stardate 2385.7 to 2385.8.  The U.S.S. Enterprise attends a celebration on Rigel VII marking their ratification of Federation membership. As a condition of membership, the Kaylar, a specially bred warrior caste, must be disbanded. Pike visits the Zemtar fortress and learns that the Kaylar and Rigel are not as ready for the Federation as they seem. The Enterprise crew is attacked and loses three crewmen, including Captain's Yeoman Dermot Cusack, to the Kaylar.  Seven others are injured, including Lieutenants Spock, José Tyler, Nano, and Sita Mohindas.  Rigel VII is denied Federation membership.

    Two weeks before "The Cage" (TOS).

  • Yeoman J. Mia Colt transfers aboard the Enterprise as Captain's yeoman.  Pike, still grieving over the death of Cusack, says he's not used to having her on the Bridge.  He relives her of the duty of helping him get dressed, and tries to have her reassigned to another section completely.

    A day before "The Cage" (TOS) / "Nor Iron Bars a Cage" (EV #4).

  • "The Cage" (TOS) / "Nor Iron Bars a Cage" (EV #4).  July.  The Enterprise, en route to the Vega Colony for repairs and crew replacement following the Rigel VII incident, detects a distress call from the spaceship S.S. Columbia, which records indicate disappeared near the Talos Star Group some 18 years ago.  Investigation leads to the discovery of the Columbia's crash site on planet Talos IV, and contact with the planet's indigenous inhabitants.  The Talosians attempt to capture Pike in an effort to breed humans to ensure the survival of their race, but Pike and the Enterprise escape by convincing the Talosians of human unsuitability for captivity.  Colt starts to "fit in" with the Enterprise crew.

    Thirteen years before "The Menagerie" (TOS), according to Spock's testimony at his court-martial.

  • The Rift (TOS #57).  July.  En route to the Vega Colony, the Enterprise investigates a spatial rift leading to the Gamma Quadrant, almost 7500 light-years away.  There, the crew makes first contact with the Calligar, an extremely advanced race.  The rift, designated Anomaly T-128 or "Pike's Rift" only opens once every thirty-three years.  José Tyler becomes romantically involved with Ecma, the daughter of the Master Builder of Calligar.

    Immediately after "The Cage" (TOS).

  • The Enterprise finally reaches the Vega Colony.  Crew is replaced, and the ship repaired.  Chief Engineer Barry transfers off the Enterprise; she is replaced by Lieutenant Michael Burnstein.  Lieutenant Zacharia is replaced at Communications by new arrival Lieutenant Dabisch.

    After The Rift (TOS #57).  The fact that these crew transfers occured at this point are conjecture.  Barry was chief engineer in Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44), while Burnie was in "Conflicting Natures" (TOS EL).  The same goes for the Zacharia/Dabisch situation.  It is possible that Zacharia was among the dead in "Our Dearest Blood" (EV #3), though Barry could not have been, as she is alive and well in The Rift Dabisch is explicitly stated to have come aboard a few months before Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6); whether Burnie did or not is uncertain, though we do know that Grace was the assistant engineer at this point.

  • A Klingon battlecruiser attacks the U.S.S. Enterprise without warning.  It punches through the Federation starship's shields and overloads half the command consoles before it can return fire.  After a fierce half-hour battle, the Enterprise destroys the Klingon vessel.  There is not a single completely undamaged system remaining on the Enterprise.

    Before "Conflicting Natures" (TOS EL).

  • "Conflicting Natures" (TOS EL).  August.  The Enterprise is assigned to play host to an Eremoid observer named Verka, a species the Federation is attempting to negotiate a lithium mining agreement with.  Verka is attempting to determine how alien work together, something his species has trouble with.  Lieutenant Spock determines the Eremoids are empaths that project their emotions on each other, resulting in a feedback loop that intensifies into lethal proportions.  Captain Pike suggest the Eremoids temporarily separate beyond the range of their projection to defuse fights.  Verka takes the suggestion under consideration.

    Meanwhile, the Enterprise visits Gamma Gemini IV on a mission to "show the flag."  En route, it protects a Federation convoy from Klingon attack and escorts the convoy to Gamma Gemini.

    Nine years after the Enterprise's launch (2245) and not long after Colt became Pike's personal yeoman.

  • The Shuttlecraft Kepler is assigned to the Enterprise.

    The U.S.S. Enterprise is assigned to map subspace anomalies and lithium sources in the Carrollia Sector.

    Prior to Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6).

  • November.  The U.S.S. Cortez vanishes in the system near Darrien 224 with all hands.

    Eight weeks before "Cloak and Dagger, Part I" (EV #5).

  • Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6).  November.  The Enterprise is assigned to the help the planet Aronnia recover the titans, as they have not returned from their last migration to Devernia.  Director of Spaceflight Consil Perri of Aronnian and Independent Pilot Lanned of Devernia assist the Enterprise.  The ship discovers the titans have not left Devernia because the Devernians are attacking the titans and preventing them from laying eggs on Devernia.  The Enterprise crew discovers the titans are actually not Aronnian biotech, and begins to search for their home system in an effort to learn how to control the titan population explosion.  They discover that in their natural environs, titans are preyed upon by space creatures called krakens, and that both species were genetically engineered.  The Enterprise imports the entire local ecosystem (consisting of some eight species) to Devernia and Aronnia, beginning the process of stabilizing the titan population.


  • January.  A time of transition for the Enterprise crew.  Lieutenants Burnstein and Dabisch transfer off and are replaced by their assistants, Moves-With-Burning-Grace and Nano, respectively.

    After the Oltion Pike stories and before the majority of Early Voyages occurs.

  • "Cloak and Dagger, Part I" (EV #5).  January.  The Enterprise at planet Darrien 224 to investigate the loss of the U.S.S. Cortez.  When attacked, the landing party discovers that the planet is home to a colony of pre-Enlightenment Vulcans presently warring between themselves as whether to return to the interstellar community or not.  The city-dwellers wish to, but the hard-line warriors do not and have seized control of the Cortez, marooning its surviving crew in the city.  They use the Cortez to effect an attack upon the Enterprise.

  • "Cloak and Dagger, Part II" (EV #6).  January.  Stardate 2396.6.  The Enterprise barely survives an assault by the Cortez with a tol par-doj, an ancient Vulcan weapons.  The Cortez is temporarily incapacitated, but five Enterprise crewmen lose their lives.  Before the Cortez can attack again, it is destroyed by a shot from the vorl-tak ("world weapon") on the surface, another ancient Vulcan weapon.  This causes the complete disintegration of Darrien 224 and the destruction of the Vulcan colonists.

  • The Enterprise travels to Deep Space Station K-12 for an overhaul.

    Between "Cloak and Dagger, Part II" (EV #6) and "The Flat, Gold Forever" (EV #7).

  • The Enterprise receives a signal from Admiral Mahirn indicating that Josh Pike, father of Captain Christopher Pike, is seriously ill.  Pike departs the Enterprise for Earth in the Shuttlecraft Icarus.

    Before "The Flat, Gold Forever" (EV #7).

  • "The Flat, Gold Forever" (EV #7).  January.  Stardate 259.9.  Captain Pike's shuttle crash-lands on the planet Prairie after an attack by Commander Kaaj's Klingon battlecruiser Varchas.  He is assisted in escaping the wrath of Kaaj by colonist and former Starfleet officer Clare Thorn.  The Enterprise arrives at Prairie to save him after discovering the transmission from Mahirn was actually a holographic ruse created by the Klingons and obtaining his coordinates from an unknown benefactor.

    Timeliner's Note: A week after "Cloak and Dagger, Part II" (EV #6).  Exactly what would cause the 2,000 drop in stardate value between this story and the previous is uncertain.  It may be another "reset" akin to the theorized one between Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and "Encounter at Farpoint" (TNG).

  • Clare Thorn is reinstated in Starfleet at the recommendation of Captain Pike.

    After "The Flat, Gold Forever" (EV #7).

  • The Enterprise is at Neyda Prime to provide medical assistance to combat an outbreak of Crain's Disease that has struck the world.

    Prior to "Immortal Wounds" (EV #8).

  • In a quiet period between shifts, Enterprise CMO Boyce kills plague victim Narten Phayn Drexler with a lethal dose of medication.  Drexler is logged as having been killed by the plague.

    Two days before "Immortal Wounds" (EV #8).

  • "Immortal Wounds" (EV #8).  February.  Stardate 360.3 to 860.5.  Doctor Philip Boyce is arrested by the Neyda Prime Judicial Bureau for the first-degree murder of Drexler.  Investigation by Vulcan ambassador Toluk shows that Boyce's actions were being controlled by the siras ("souls") of Jultha Free Men, which had entered Boyce's mind years ago.  Drexler was actually the leader of the Orions responsible for the destruction of these Julthans' colony.  Toluk transfers their siras into a Julthan prayer gem for transport to the Julthan Free Worlds.

  • "One of a Kind" (EV #9).  March.  Stardate 361.6.  An unexpected death occurs on Liria.  Lieutenant Nano, currently serving aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, is recalled to replace the deceased Lirin and restore the perfect balance of the Unity on his homeworld.  While the Enterprise crew is visiting the planet, more deaths occur, all by sudden outbursts of fire.  Lieutenants Tyler and Spock determine that the Lirin phobia of the unfamiliar is manifesting itself as an uncontrollable pyrotechnic force.  It is decided that Nano will not rejoin the Unity, but continue to serve on the Enterprise, returning home periodically to share his experiences.

  • Starfleet dispatches a science vessel to Liria to investigate the volatile situation in the Lirin worldmind.

    After "One of a Kind" (EV #9).

  • The Federation colony on Jubal sends a distress signal received and recorded by the Enterprise, showing Chakuun ghostships attacking the colony.  Twelve minutes later, the transmission suddenly stops.  The Enterprise sets course for the Jubal System at Warp 9.  It is believed that the Tholians, for whom the Chakuun serve as shock troops, are beginning another territorial expansion, this time in the Diomed Cluster.

    Just before "The Fallen, Part I" (EV #10).

  • "The Fallen, Part I" (EV #10).  April.  Stardate 371.2 to 371.6.  Arriving in the Jubal System, the Enterprise engages one of the already-fleeing Chakuun ghostships, managing to destroy it but taking on severe damage in the process.  The Enterprise limps home to Earth, where it undergoes a ten-day repair cycle.  On the last day of repairs, the Enterprise crew is granted one day of shore leave.  Captain Pike and Number One visit Josh Pike in Mojave; Colt, Spock, Tyler, and Mohindas partake in a tour of New York; Nurse Carlotti visits Florence to see her family.  Afterwards, a Starfleet task force consisting of the Enterprise, the Achilles, the Nelson, the Providence, and the Brazzaville is dispatched to the Diomed Cluster.  While on patrol, the task force receives a distress signal from Theta Kalyb, where it engages a fleet of Chakuun ghostships.

  • "The Fallen, Part II" (EV #11).  April.  During the battle over Theta Kalyb, the Brazzaville and the Achilles are destroyed.  The Chakuun hastily retreat, however, at the behest of their cohort general after she crashes on the surface of the planet and has a discussion with Nurse Carlotti, during which each learns much about the other's culture, including the fact that the Tholians consider territory and borders to be fluid and constantly shifting.  The Enterprise and the Nelson travel to Starbase 45 over Algol II to undergo repairs.

  • "Futures, Part I" (EV #12).  April.  Stardate 389.4.  Lieutenant Moves-With-Burning-Grace begins repairs on the Enterprise at Starbase 45.  Commodore Strickland offers Number One command of the Nelson, but she refuses.  Captain Pike, Lieutenant Spock, and Doctor Boyce learn they are to be sent on a secret mission.  Commodore Robert April will take temporary command of the Enterprise in the interim.  Yeoman Colt and Lieutenant Tyler discover an Algol keepsake while on shore leave, an artifact that is supposed to give one a vision of the future.  When it fails to do so for Colt, she agitates it, causing it to fling her to the year 2293.

  • "Now and Then" (EV #15).  April.  Yeoman Colt return from 2293 moments after departing.  Analysis shows all other keepsakes to be completely inert.  History is altered, wiping out the future glimpsed by Colt.

    In "Futures, Part III" (EV #14), Pike says these episodes occur in 2263.  This is flat-out impossible, as Kirk would be at least a commander, maybe already a captain at this point, which would contradict the next entry...

  • April.  In an alternate timeline, Colt is never returned to the Enterprise.  José Tyler will pine for his "lost love" for years.  Cadet-Lieutenant James Kirk is assigned as Captain Pike's new personal yeoman.  The two have severe problems with one another.

    These occurrences were related in "Futures, Part II" (EV #13) and "Futures, Part III" (EV #14).

  • Captain Pike, Doctor Boyce, and Lieutenant Spock are surgically altered to appear as Temazi and infiltrate their pre-industrial society in an effort to stop rogue Klingons from obtaining ancient weaponry enshrined on the Temazi Homeworld.

    Between "Now and Then" (EV #15) and "Thanatos" (EV #16).

  • "Thanatos" (EV #16).  June.  Stardate 390.5.  The Enterprise arrives at the Temazi Homeworld to provide backup for Pike's undercover mission there.  Pike is exposed when the leader of the Klingons -- his old nemesis, Kaaj -- attacks him in public, resulting in an attack by the Temazi.

    Ten days after "Now and Then" (EV #17).

  • "Nemesis" (EV #17).  June.  The Enterprise is attacked by Commander Kharg and his Klingon battalion who wish to lay waste to the surface of the Temazi Homeworld merely to stop the House of Kaaj from obtaining the weapons there.  The Enterprise manages to defeat the Klingons, but Number One is incapacitated, leaving April in command.  Kaaj temporarily suspends his blood feud with Pike to escape with him, and ends up sacrificing himself to destroy a Temazi Thanatos machine threatening Pike's life, claiming Pike will live his life knowing he owes it to a better man.  The Federation and Klingon teams flee the surface together in a Klingon shuttle, but the shuttle mysteriously vanishes when hit by a shockwave from the destruction of a pursuing Thanatos machine by the Enterprise.

  • July.  The Enterprise surveys Corinthia VII for possible future colonization.  Ensign Williams is killed, but Captain Pike saves the remainder of the landing party.

    Conjecture: "A Private Anecdote" (TOS SNW).  A year after "The Cage" (TOS).

  • August.  Three Merkaan vessels, under the command of Acquisitor Hamesaad Dreen, attack the Vegan freighter S.S. Lisander, carrying rare medicines to Gamma Catalinas.  The plan is to extort a price for the medicines from the desperate Catalinans.  The U.S.S. Enterprise responds to the Lisander's distress signal and finds the medicines being loaded onto one of the Merkaan ships.

    Captain Pike gives implications he is displeased with his life as a starship captain and tells Dreen he will provide him with an insider's knowledge of targets for a share of proceeds.  Dreen, however, will be required to let the freighter go so Pike will not have to explain why he failed to combat the Merkaans.  To prove his intentions, Pike pretends to beam his lithium stores aboard the Merkaan vessel, along with the "trustworthy" Lieutenant Spock.  While the Merkaans' shields are down, Number One and a security team beam aboard and take the vessel by force.  After recovering the medicines and disabling the Merkaans' weapons, Pike allows them to return to their homeworld.  Acquisitor Dreen is completely humiliated, and it takes him ten years to rebuild his career.  This is the Federation's only visual contact with the Merkaans until 2268.

    Legacy (TOS #56).  Scotty says it occured ten years before the novel (2268), but it is supposed to be when Spock has been on the Enterprise for a year and a half.  Interestingly enough, Scotty seems to know nothing about the events aboard the Enterprise at this time, other than what's in the records, even though he should have been there.  It is possible he was on temporary assignment elsewhere.


  • The Enterprise crew celebrates Boyce's birthday.  It is interrupted by gas given off by an acid spill in the mineral storage section.

    Legacy (TOS #56).  During the time Wayne served on the Enterprise (2253 - 56).

  • April.  The Enterprise concludes its second five-year mission and returns to spacedock for refit.  Enterprise relief helmsman Bradford Wayne retires and becomes the administrator of the Beta Cabrini Mining Colony.

    This conjectural date from the Okudas' Star Trek Chronology is accepted as fact for the basis of this timeline.  Wayne and his fate are from Legacy (TOS #56).

  • April.  Yeoman Kirk resigns from Starfleet at the conclusion of the mission, unable to stand Pike any longer.  He works in the commercial sector instead.

    "Futures, Part II" (EV #13).  Kirk says he toughed it out on the Enterprise for twelve months.


  • The Enterprise launches on its third five-year mission, still under the command of Christopher Pike and with the same senior staff.

    This conjectural date from the Okudas' Star Trek Chronology is accepted as fact for the basis of this timeline.

  • The crew of the U.S.S. Telemakhos is killed by a virus.  The U.S.S. Enterprise investigates and Lieutenant Spock determines that the virus was seeded by the C'tinai, who are preparing to invade the Federation.

    Legacy (TOS #56).  The incident was seen in Spock's flashback.  Note that without specific dates, it is assumed the flashbacks stem forward in chronological order.


  • The Enterprise discovers a long-abandoned Elarnite station about to suffer a core breech.  Number One and Lieutenant Spock successfully download most of its databanks before it explodes.  Number One is injured.

    Legacy (TOS #56).  The incident was seen in Spock's flashback.  Note that without specific dates, it is assumed the flashbacks stem forward in chronological order.

  • A princess is transported home to Kalajia VII by the Enterprise after successful trade negations with the Federation.  While on board, she is romantically involved with Lieutenant José Tyler.

    Legacy (TOS #56).  The incident was seen in Spock's flashback.  Note that without specific dates, it is assumed the flashbacks stem forward in chronological order.


  • Captain Pike and the Dindamorii planetary governor are kidnapped by Dindamor's militant anti-Federation faction.  They are rescued by Number One, Lieutenant Spock, Lieutenant Tyler, and Yeoman Colt, who manage to take down every rebel except the ringleader.

    Legacy (TOS #56).  The incident was seen in Spock's flashback.  Note that without specific dates, it is assumed the flashbacks stem forward in chronological order.

  • A Starfleet research shuttle crash-lands on a primitive planet.  The Enterprise responds to the distress signal and destroys the shuttle debris to prevent cultural contamination after uploading the shuttle's research files.

    Legacy (TOS #56).  The incident was seen in Spock's flashback.  Note that without specific dates, it is assumed the flashbacks stem forward in chronological order.


  • Spock goes on shore leave with Chief Abeldenaby and Crewman Pitcairn.

    Legacy (TOS #56).  The incident was seen in Spock's flashback.  Note that without specific dates, it is assumed the flashbacks stem forward in chronological order.

  • Lieutenant Spock, Lieutenant Tyler, Yeoman Colt, and Crewman Sellers investigate a planet with life-forms that assume the shape of other species' young for protection.

    (TOS #56).  The incident was seen in Spock's flashback.  Note that without specific dates, it is assumed the flashbacks stem forward in chronological order.


  • The Horidian prime counselor requests medical help from the U.S.S. Enterprise for Harr Harath, the Horidian monarch, who is suffering from Bendal Fever.  Despite the fact the Horidians attempted to invade a Federation planet a year earlier, Pike honors the Horidian request and dispatches Doctor Philip Boyce to cure Harath, hoping it will strengthen the ties between the Federation and the Horidians.

    Legacy (TOS #56).  The incident was seen in Spock's flashback.  Note that without specific dates, it is assumed the flashbacks stem forward in chronological order.


  • Spock sees Bradford Wayne for the last time prior to 2268.

    Legacy (TOS #56).  Spock said it had been six or seven years.

  • The Enterprise concludes its third five-year mission and returns to spacedock for major refit, which boosts the crew size from 203 to 430.  Lieutenants Spock and Montgomery Scott are promoted to lieutenant commander and stay on board with Christopher Pike for the duration of the refit.

    Doctor Boyce transfers to Starbase 32.  Yeoman J. Mia Colt gains an officer's commission and becomes chief science officer of the Bozeman.  Number One takes command of her own starship.

    This conjectural date from the Okudas' Star Trek Chronology is accepted as fact for the basis of this timeline.  The fact Spock and Scott stay on board for the refit is from Enterprise: The First Adventure (TOS).  The futures of Boyce and Number One are in Enterprise: The First Adventure; Colt, Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6).


  • June.  The Enterprise refit is complete.  Christopher Pike is promoted to fleet captain and assigned to Starfleet Academy as an instructor.  Captain James Kirk takes command of the Enterprise.  He inherits Spock, Scott, and Uhura from Pike, amongst others.  The Enterprise launches on its fourth five-year mission.

    Enterprise: The First Adventure (TOS) shows most of these events.  It is consistent with Spock's line in "The Menagerie" (TOS) that he served with Pike for eleven years (2254 - 65).

  • Fleet Captain Christopher Pike comes aboard a class-J training vessel under the command of Commander Trawley for the first time.  He is there for inspection and assistance in lessons.  Trawley tells the cadets about the time Pike saved his life on Corinthia VII.  While passing by the Trill System, the vessel detects a comet with the bioelectric signature of a Trill symbiont.

    "A Private Anecdote" (SNW TOS).  Between Enterprise: The First Adventure (TOS) and "Sins of the Mother" (DS9 TLOD).  Note that the official
    Star Trek site gives the name of the training vessel as the U.S.S Republic, which was a Constitution-class starship that Kirk, McCoy, and Gary Mitchell trained on.  Also, the story implies Pike's accident occurs on his first time aboard the ship; this contradicts "Sins of the Mother."

  • "Sins of the Mother" (DS9 TLOD).  Stardate 1229.  Autumn.  The U.S.S. Tereshkova is dispatched to the Trill System to investigate the newly discovered comet.  The investigative team consists of Trill Symbiosis Commission head Audrid Dax; her husband, Kem'alta Institute head of xenobiology Jayvin Vod; Doctor Juarez, a xenobiologist; Doctor Milton, an astrophysicist; Jon Chin, a security officer; and Fleet Captain Christopher Pike.  Juarez, Milton, and Chin are killed when what will later be known as a "conspiracy parasite" infects Vod and takes control of him.  The parasite separates Jayvin from Vod and then bonds neurally with Vod.  Jayvin dies on the operating table, and TSC surgeons are forced to let Vod die.  The comet is destroyed by Trill vessels.


  • Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6).  October 3 or 7.  Stardate 1626.8.  Fleet Captain Pike discovers The Captain's Table.  He visits it and relates the tale of the titans to Hompaq and Nowan.

    When Pike attempts to convert the stardate to Gregorian reckoning, he forgets the conversion factor and is unsure whether it is the third or the seventh.

  • Christopher Pike is aboard Commander Trawley's training vessel once more.  During this journey, a baffle plate ruptures, contaminating Engineering with delta radiation.  Pike pulls six cadets from Engineering, two of whom die after the ship arrives at Starbase 11 for medical assistance.  Pike himself is paralyzed by the delta rays.  He cannot move and can only signal "yes" and "no."

    Months before "The Menagerie, Part I" (TOS).  Details from "A Private Anecdote" (TOS SNW).


  • "A Private Anecdote" (TOS SNW). Stardate 2822.5.  Fleet Captain Pike contemplates his fate, still residing on Starbase 11.  He entertains the idea he is still experiencing an illusion in his cage on Talos IV.

    Thirteen years after "The Cage" (TOS).

  • "The Menagerie, Part I" (TOS).  Stardate 3012.4.  The Enterprise arrives at Starbase 11, but investigation by starbase commander Commodore José Mendez fails to reveal the source on any orders the Enterprise may have received.  Further investigation shows the orders to have been falsified by Enterprise first officer Commander Spock, who kidnaps Christopher Pike, then commandeers the Enterprise to planet Talos IV in violation of General Order 7.  Enterprise captain James Kirk and Mendez, who had been left behind at Starbase 11 when the Enterprise departed, are successful in pursuing the ship aboard a shuttlecraft.  Once Kirk and Mendez are aboard the Enterprise, Spock submits himself for arrest, and Mendez orders a general court-martial convened against Spock.

  • "The Menagerie, Part II" (TOS).  Stardate 3013.1.  The Enterprise, en route to Talos IV, is site of court-martial proceedings against Commander Spock on charges of commandeering the Enterprise, sabotage, abduction of Fleet Captain Pike, and attempted violation of General Order 7.  All charges are dropped when it is determined that Spock had been acting on the behalf of the Talosians in the best interest of Pike.  Captain Kirk, under special authority from Starfleet Command, permits Pike to accept an offer from the Talosians to live the remainder of his life on their planet, where he need not suffer the infirmities of his injured body.  Pike is reunited with his love Vina.


  • Legacy (TOS #56).  Stardate 5258.7.  U.S.S. Enterprise survey mission Octavius IV is interrupted by a Merkaan invasion of the Beta Cabrini Mining Colony.  The invasion is lead by Acquisitor Hamesaad Dreen, attempting to gain retribution against the Federation that defeated him more than ten years prior.  Commander Spock is successful in arresting Dreen and ending the invasion.  The U.S.S. Excalibur is dispatched to set up a security contingent and defenses on Beta Cabrini.


  • Philip Boyce retires from Starfleet.  He recommends Gabrielle Carlotti for his replacement as CMO.

    Fifteen years before "Futures, Part III" (EV #14).


  • "Sins of the Mother" (DS9 TLOD).  Audrid Dax writes a letter to her daughter, Neema Cyl, explaining the death of Jayvin Vod, Neema's father.

    Fifteen years after the story related in the letter.


  • The Rift (TOS #57).  November.  The U.S.S. Enterprise-A transports a delegation consisting of Commodore José Tyler, Ambassador Robert Fox, Shondar Dorkin of Tellar, Andorian ambassador Thak, and Dr. Richard Daystrom to Anomaly T-128 to establish contact with the Calligar once again.  The Federation team is held hostage and Shondar Dorkin is killed, but Captain Kirk manages to free them, along with Master Builder Ecma of the Calligar, who desires to leave her people.  Tyler and Ecma are wed in a ceremony aboard the Enterprise conducted by Kirk.

  • The Enterprise-A arrives Vega IX for rest and debriefing.

    The Tellarite government enshrines Dorkin in the Hall of Heroes and declares war on the Calligar.  Since Anomaly T-128 only opens every thirty-three years, however, the was is largely unfought.

    After The Rift (TOS #57).


  • By this time, the original Enterprise has been retired and placed in the Smithsonian.  Admiral Christopher Pike commands the U.S.S. Enterprise-A, refit Constitution-class.  His first officer is Commander Spock, science officer: Lieutenant Saavik, communications: Lieutenant Commander Nyota Uhura, navigator: Lieutenant Commander José Tyler, helmsman: Lieutenant Commander Hikaru Sulu, CMO: Doctor Gabrielle Carlotti, engineer: Lieutenant Commander Moves-With-Burning-Grace.

    Number One commands the U.S.S. Excelsior.  Her communications officer is Lieutenant Commander Nano, navigator: Lieutenant Commander Chekov.  Jim Kirk commands the UFP merchantman Bounty.  His crew includes Montgomery Scott, also no longer serving in Starfleet and married to Zhota, the Bounty's tactical expert.

    The situation between the Klingons and the Federation is very fragile.  Though peace negotiations are ongoing, some Klingons disapprove.  One, Chang, has set up a secret base on the conquered planet Algol II to launch an invasion of the Federation.

    These events were related in "Futures, Part II" (EV #13), "Futures, Part III" (EV #14), and "Futures, Part III" (EV #15).

  • "Futures, Part II" (EV #13).  Yeoman Colt materializes on the U.S.S. Enterprise in the Smithsonian, where she evades Starfleet security and meets up with Jim Kirk, who agrees to use the Bounty to take her to Algol in an attempt to return her to her own time and change history.  En route, the Bounty is intercepted by a Klingon battlecruiser commanded by General Chang, but rescued by the U.S.S. Enterprise-A under the command of Admiral Pike.

  • "Futures, Part III" (EV #14).  Stardate 9521.9.  The crew of the crippled Bounty are beamed aboard the Enterprise-A. Spock, Saavik, and Carlotti determine that unless Colt is returned to her own point in time, this timeline will reject her and she will die in four days.  The Enterprise-A sets course for Algol II in violation of Starfleet orders to return Colt to her origin point in time.  Command dispatches the U.S.S. Excelsior to destroy the Enterprise.  While crossing the border, the Enterprise-A is intercepted by Chang, this time with a battlecruiser and two birds-of-prey.

  • "Now and Then" (EV #15).  Stardate 9522.0.  Lieutenant Commander Sulu is killed in the Klingon attack on the Enterprise-A, and the ship is on the verge of destruction when the Excelsior arrives and chases off Chang's flotilla.  Excelsior departs the area once the situation is explained to her, reporting they were not able to intercept Captain Pike.  Arriving at Algol II, the Enterprise discovers Chang's secret base and is nearly destroyed, forcing Pike to engage self-destruct.  Meanwhile, the Bounty crew escorts Colt to the surface and through the Well of Tomorrow before they are killed.


  • The Tellarite government declares that in the absence of retaliation by the Calligar, they have won the war between their peoples.

    The Rift (TOS #57).  The war lasted ten years.


  • April.  Anomaly T-128 ("Pike's Rift") opens once more.  However, the Federation is involved in heavy hostilities due to the Klingon-Romulan War at the time and does not make contact.

    The Rift (TOS #87).  The rift opens every 33.4 years.  The fact that the Federation could be involved in the Klingon-Romulan War in 2321 seems to contradict "The Neutral Zone" (TNG), which establishes that there had been no Federation conflict with the Romulans since 2311.







Special thanks of course goes to the Okudas' Star Trek Chronology for this timeline's basic foundation.  Additional thanks to the Star Trek Pocket Books Timeliners, particularly Geoff Trowbridge, whose works were used as sources as well.  I am aware of the fact that some of Enterprise: The First Adventure (TOS) is discontinuous with "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (TOS) and the novels Enterprise (TOS #87) and Strangers from the Sky (TOS), but this fact is not relevant to this timeline.  Having never read Star Trek: Early Voyages, I have very sketchy information.  All I have chosen to include as of present is details on the Rigel VII incident from "Our Dearest Blood" (EV #3).