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Commanding Officer  
  Pike, Christopher Robert, Captain
Image File

    Human male.  Pike was born in Mojave City on Earth in 2210, an area that has been terraformed from its previous desert state.  His father was Admiral Josh Pike and his godfather Mahirn of Andor.  Josh was an old Starfleet warhorse and just as stubborn as his son, meaning the two frequently butted heads.  By 2254, his mother was dead.

    Pike joined Starfleet for the adventure and some of his fellow members of the Class of '32 included Lucien Murat, Akiko Torunaga, and Kadish of Vulcan, who also became Starfleet legends.  He made some "whopping mistakes" as a lieutenant but outgrew them, becoming first officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise under Robert April in 2245.  In 2246, Pike was promoted to commander and transferred away.  In 2250, he transferred to the U.S.S. Yorktown (his third command), where he met "Number One" and Dermot Cusack.  All three transferred to the Enterprise together in 2251.  He served on the Enterprise for two-five year missions, and two refits.

    In 2251, while on leave at Earth, he met Janeese Carlisle and fell in love.  Though forced to leave her as she was entering Starfleet Academy, they maintained subspace contact over the next two and a half years.  When the Enterprise returned to Earth in 2254, he learned she was in love with another man, and was nearly driven to bitterness and disappointment.  Later that year, he was captured by the Talosians and paired with Vina, a human crash survivor, in an attempt to create a human population for the use of the Talosians.  He escaped, but sometimes harbored the thought that everything he had experienced afterwards was an illusion generated by the Talosians.

    Pike finally left the ship in 2265, just before command was taken by James T. Kirk.  He was promoted to fleet captain, and began teaching at Starfleet Academy.  During his time there he commanded a class-J training vessel that detected a comet in the Trill System.  As such, he participated in the investigation of the comet on board the U.S.S. Tereshkova.  In 2266, he was crippled by exposure to delta radiation while aboard the training vessel.  He was constrained to a wheelchair and limited to communicating "yes" and "no."  While at the medical facility on Starbase 11 in 2267, he was abducted by former crewmate Commander Spock and taken to Talos IV, where he lived the rest of his life with an illusion of being whole along with Vina.

    Pike preferred a warm, team-like atmosphere on the Bridge.  He was very experienced in solo planetary expeditions, having performed them during all four of his commands, two of which were Areta and the Temazi Homeworld.  Despite his cool, in-control persona, however, doubt often plagued him.  During these times he would use Doctor Boyce as a sounding board on things that were eating him.  

    He once spent a winter in Portland, Oregon, and later observed it had rained every day for six months.

    Sources: "The Cage" (TOS); Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44); Crisis on Vulcan (TOS SA#1); Enterprise: The First Adventure (TOS); "The Menagerie, Parts I & II" (TOS); "Sins of the Mother" (DS9 TLOD); "A Private Anecdote" (TOS SNW); Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6); The Forgotten War (TNG #57); "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1); "The Flat, Gold Forever" (EV #7); "The Fallen, Part I" (EV #10); "Thanatos" (EV #16)

Captain's Yeoman  
2251 - 54 Cusack, Dermot, Yeoman

    Captain Pike's Irish personal yeoman since his days on the Yorktown.  A personal friend of the captain's, Cusack had a roguish reputation in the Starfleet.  He transferred with Pike to the Enterprise in 2251, where he served until he died on Rigel VII in 2254.

    Sources: Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6); "The Cage" (TOS); "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1); "Our Dearest Blood" (EV #3)

    Note: In Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6) Pike's yeoman is named as Leon, but he is Cusack in Star Trek: Early Voyages.  As he actually appears in Early Voyages, as opposed to a singular mention in Where Sea Meets Sky, Cusack will be used by this site and Leon discarded.

2254 onwards

Colt, J. Mia, Yeoman

Image File

    Human female from Oregon.  Service number 765874.  She trained with Alex Dumant, whom she dated for some time.  They planned to serve on the same ship, but Colt broke this promise to obtain a berth on the Tiberius; she subsequently served on the Hawking.  Dumant was later killed on the Crazy Horse in a Tholian attack at the Battle of Kakrafoon.

    Transferred from the Hawking to the Enterprise where she was assigned as captain's yeoman after Yeoman Cusack's death in 2254.  She was attracted to Pike, considering the captain unreachable until the Talosians caused her to reevaluate her position shortly thereafter.  Later that year, she played host to an Eremoid observer, an Aronnian ambassador, and a Devernian pilot on the Enterprise, all of whom were physically attracted to her.  In 2255, Lieutenant Tyler expressed romantic feelings for her and the two dated for a time.  On one of their dates, Colt experiment with an Algol keepsake and was flung into the year 2293.  The heroic efforts of the crews of the Enterprise-A, Bounty, and Excelsior returned Colt to 2255, setting the timeline on a new course.

    In 2262, after the conclusion of the Enterprise's second five-year mission under Pike, she was promoted and assigned to the U.S.S. Bozeman, NCC-1941, as chief science officer.  Captain Pike pulled several strings to get her the assignment.

    Colt joined Starfleet for adventure, and enjoyed encountering various aliens in the Enterprise's travels.

    Sources: "The Cage" (TOS); Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6); "Conflicting Natures" (TOS EL); "Nor Iron Bars a Cage" (EV #4); "The Fallen, Part I" (EV #10); "The Fallen, Part II" (EV #11); "Futures, Part I" (EV #12); "Futures, Part II" (EV #13); "Then and Now" (EV #15)

    Notes: Though Hompaq expressed concern over Colt's assignment to the Bozeman in Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6), it is uncertain whether she was still on the vessel when it entered a temporal rift in 2278 that flung it to 2268.  She does not make an appearance in Ship of the Line (TNG), but that novel does mention that the science officer died shortly before the novel.  This could be her.

    It is said that April offered Colt a berth on the Tiberius.  If she indeed served on it during April's tenure, this would make her at least thirty (a yeoman is a noncom, no matter what Early Voyages may say, so Academy time does not need to be added as with Tyler) in "The Cage" (TOS).  She is obviously not this old; April must have simply recommended her for a berth on his old ship, probably during the time he commanded the Enterprise.
    "The Fallen, Part I" (EV #10) says that Colt is from New York.  This is completely irreconcilable with "Conflicting Natures" (TOS EL).





Executive Officer /
Chief Helmsman

Number One, Lieutenant Commander

Image File

    Human female. Number One is from Ilyria, a planet of humans genetically engineered to excellence.  She was the best of her breed and declared a genetically perfect being; "Number One" being a designation applied to her all her life: she considered her given name a curse and refused to use it.

    In 2250 she was posted to the Yorktown as executive officer, under Christopher Pike, who called her Number One as a sort of joke; it being an old term for executive officer.  She transferred with him to the Enterprise in 2251, even though she had hoped for command of a science vessel or medical frigate.

    In 2254, her father died.  She was offered command of the Nelson in 2255, but turned it down, preferring to remain under Pike on the Enterprise.  At the end of the Enterprise's third five-year mission in 2262, she was promoted to captain.

    She harbored fantasies for Pike for some time, and these were exposed to him by the Talosians in 2254.  Normally, however, Number One was strictly logical, masking her emotions.  One area of obsession for her was computers.  In 2254, she assisted Lieutenant Spock in installing computer upgrades that made it voice-interactive.  They used her voice as a base pattern, something which later carried over to all Starfleet computers.

    Sources: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44); Enterprise: The First Adventure (TOS); "The Cage" (TOS); Legacy (TOS #56); The Rift (TOS #57); "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1); "Futures, Part I" (EV #12)

    Notes:  The Rift (TOS #57), Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6)/"Conflicting Natures" (TOS EL), and Star Trek: Early Voyages give contradictory information on Number One's name.  In a conversation I had with David Young, he remarked, "...well I always assumed that 'Number One' *was* her name.  I guess it will have to remain a mystery."  I realized this was the best way to reconcile all my problems, and dropped all mentions of her name.

    In Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44) Pike decides to get closer to Number One, and the two have dinner after the novel.  This would seem to contradict their relationship as depicted later in "The Cage" (TOS) and all subsequent stories.


Second Officer / Assistant Helmsman


Mohindas, Sita, Lieutenant


    Daughter of Ambassador Rajiv Mohindas, Sita was born in the citystate of Delhi on Earth.  She was considered an excellent, all-around flight officer when she came aboard the Enterprise in 2251 from the Valley Forge.  In 2254 she was injured during the battle on Rigel VII.

    Mohindas was a sharp-tongued woman who favored a quick retort, especially with her partner on the Bridge, Josť Tyler.  She was also a strong believer in having fun.  As her father was the one who had made first contact with the planet Liria, Sita always felt guilty concerning Lieutenant Nano, as she believed her family bore the blame for him being a permanent outsider.  In 2255, Nano absolved her of this blame, saying he actually owed her family a great debt.

    Sources: "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1); "Our Dearest Blood" (EV #3); "One of a Kind" (EV #9)


Junior Helmsmen

2253 - 56

Wayne, Bradford, Lieutenant j.g.


    Junior helmsman who came on the Enterprise in 2253.  He considered himself laid-back and for that reason disliked the "uptight" Spock.  One his best friends aboard ship was Crewman Daniels, who died.  After the ship returned to spacedock in 2256, he retired from Starfleet and became the administrator of the Beta Cabrini Mining Colony.  He encountered Spock again in 2268 when they combated a Merkaan invasion.

    Source: Legacy (TOS #56)


Daniels, Crewman


    Enterprise crewmember who was killed by the Halriccian on Elizibar VII.  Best friend of Lieutenant Bradford Wayne.

    Source: Legacy (TOS #56)

    Note:  Daniels' assignment is conjectural.





Second Officer / Chief Science Officer  

2251 - 54

Davies, Lieutenant Commander


    Davies fulfilled the positions of second and science officer beginning with the Enterprise's launch in 2251.  In 2253 he came down with Virillian toxic fever just before the ship embarked on a survey mission to Pathiad Nebulatae.  He was replaced by Spock in 2254.

    Sources: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44); "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1)


2254 onwards

Spock, Lieutenant

Image File

    Vulcan/human male of the House of Surak and the Clan Talek-sen-deen.  Spock was born on Vulcan in 2330.  In 2246, he encountered Captain Robert April and Commander Christopher Pike for the first time, who recommended him for entrance into Starfleet Academy.  He accepted, alienating his father, Ambassador Sarek.  In 2249 he graduated, having taken the accelerated Vulcan course and spent a year on training cruises.  He was assigned to a space cutter for three years as assistant science officer.  In 2252 he was promoted to lieutenant j.g and assigned to the U.S.S. Artemis as third and chief science officer.  In 2253 he served as science officer of the Enterprise for a short mission to the Pathiad Nebulatae when Commander Davies came down with Virillian toxic fever.  He subsequently returned to the Artemis.

    In 2254 he was promoted to lieutenant and assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise as second and science officer.  He experienced some emotional turmoil during his first year on the Enterprise due to the death of T'Pris, causing himself to express feelings on occasion.  After seeing the danger of emotional Vulcans on Darrien 224, he reaffirmed his commitment to logic.  It was also during this time that he began to utilize the word "fascinating."

    He maintained this position until the ship's third five-year mission ended in 2262, when he was promoted to lieutenant commander.  He stayed aboard, assisting in the refit, and in 2265 was assigned as executive officer under Captain James Kirk.  Though Kirk had intended to keep him on as merely science officer, the additional executive officer billing was a personal request from Fleet Captain Pike.

    Sources: Crisis on Vulcan (TOS SA#1); Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44); Enterprise: The First Adventure (TOS); Enterprise (TOS #87); The Rift (TOS #57); "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1); "Cloak and Dagger, Part II" (EV #6)

    Note:  The Forgotten War (TNG #57)'s assertion that a Vulcan was a classmate of Pike's would seem to contradict the fact that Spock was the first Vulcan at Starfleet Academy.


up to 2254

Meadows, George, Lieutenant Commander


    A short and thin man, Meadows was somewhat slow, though economical, in moving, and a calm a placid man.  He was an extremely competent geologist, always delivering detailed, accurate, and valuable reports.  In 2254, Meadows stole the Glory from containment, that he might study it, but was murdered by Daniel Reed.

    Source: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44)



Sandson, Crewman

Image File

    Lieutenant Commander Meadows' lab technician.  Discovered Meadows' body in 2254.

    Source: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44)

    Note: "The Menagerie" (TOS episode novelization) by James Blish mentions that the ship's geologist beamed down to Talos IV.  It is possible that this was Sandson.



T'Pris, Lieutenant


    Vulcan female of the House of Sidak and the Clan Ansa-sen-tar.  Left-handed.  T'Pris served aboard the U.S.S. Musashi with her husband Lieutenant Sepel.  In 2253, Sepel was killed during an ambush on Lindoria.  In 2254 T'Pris transferred aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.  She was attracted to Lieutenant Spock.  Shortly thereafter, she was murdered by Daniel Reed.

    Source: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44)



Sefor, Crewman


    Eldest Vulcan serving on the Enterprise as of 2254.  He accompanied Spock on away missions to GS931 and Areta.

    Source: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44)

Junior Science Officers  

up to 2255

Kingcome, Crewman


    Human male.  Killed in an attack by emotional Vulcans on Darrien 224 in 2255.  Lasted slightly longer than Shinob.

    Source: "Cloak and Dagger, Part I" (EV #5)


up to 2255

Shinob, Crewman


    Human male.  Killed in an attack by emotional Vulcans on Darrien 224 in 2255.

    Source: "Cloak and Dagger, Part I" (EV #5)





Chief Medical Officer  

Boyce, Philip, Doctor

Image File

    Human male from Cape Cod, where he spent his shore leaves fishing.  He was unable to maintain a garden there due to his absences, so he kept one in his quarters.  Boyce was once married to a woman named Alicia, but she died very early in their marriage.

    Boyce was assigned to the Enterprise for its first five-year mission as assistant medical officer under Doctor Sarah April, where he first met Pike.  When the ship ended its first five-year mission, he stayed on during the refit and became chief medical officer upon launch. When the ship's third five-year mission ended in 2262, he transferred to Starbase 32.

    Boyce served as a confidant for Pike, and often assumed the position of bartender, giving Pike cold martinis and telling him a man will tell his bartender things he won't tell his doctor.  However, there was a time in 2261 when Boyce felt stressed, worrying his emotions were becoming too entangled with his duties.

    During his first few years on the Enterprise, Boyce was often seen to be acting irrationally, especially by Nurse Carlotti.  In 2255, when he murdered Narten Phayn Drexler, it was revealed that as a young medic he had attempted to assist the dying crew a crashed spacecraft near his medical center.  He was too late, however, and the dying Jultha Free Men in the craft transferred their siras, or souls, to his mind.  Their colony had been destroyed by Orions, and within his mind the Julthans waited for their chance to obtain revenge.  Drexler was the leader of those Orions, and after Toluk of Vulcan discovered this, he transferred the siras to a Julthan prayer gem for transport to the Jultha Free Worlds.

    Sources: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44); Enterprise: The First Adventure (TOS); Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6); "The Cage" (TOS); Legacy (TOS #56); "Immortal Wounds" (EV #8)

    Note: Originally, based upon a reference in Vulcan's Glory that indicated Pike and Boyce had served together for four years, I assumed Boyce had been on the Yorktown with Pike, much as Number One had.  But Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6) indicates Boyce was inherited from April.  The solution I reached encompasses both scenarios.

Head Nurse  

up to 2254

Blayton, Nurse


    Doctor Boyce's senior nurse on the Enterprise.  Departed in early 2254.

    Source: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44)


2254 onwards

Carlotti, Gabrielle, Nurse


    Doctor Boyce's head nurse on the Enterprise.  Replaced head nurse Blayton in early 2254.

    Carlotti was born on New Milan, a planet destroyed by the Chakuun, henchmen of the Tholians, during a Tholian expansionist program.  Of her family, only her and her two brothers survived.  They moved to New Venice, a colony on Mars, and later to Florence, Italy with their Aunt Olivia.  Her service record described her as bright and outgoing, if a little intense.  Before coming aboard the Enterprise, she served on the Redoubt and the Nelson.  Carlotti was haunted by what she had suffered at the hands of the Chakuun, frequently having bad dreams about searching for her parents and finding a Chakuun, but Doctor Boyce was helping her pull through it all.

    In 2255, Carlotti encountered a shipwrecked Chakuun cohort general on the surface of Theta Kalyb.  The two learned much about each other's cultures, and when the cohort general was rescued she ordered a Chakuun retreat from Theta Kalyb.  This went a long way toward stemming Carlotti's hatred of the Chakuun, and she was finally able to find peace.  Carlotti's most important breakthrough was the discovery that the Tholians consider territorial boundaries fluid and shifting.

    Sources: "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1); "Immortal Wounds" (EV #8); "The Fallen, Part I" (EV #10); "The Fallen, Part II" (EV #11)



O'Neil, Nurse


    Human male.  Medical officer who accompanied relief teams to the surface of Theta Kalyb during a battle with the Chakuun in 2255.

    Source: "The Fallen, Part II" (EV #11)





Chief Engineer  

2251 - 54

Barry, Caitlin, Lieutenant Commander


    Barry was in the same class at Starfleet Academy as Number One, though the two women barely interacted.  Barry was the chief engineer of the Enterprise upon its launch in 2251, when she became friends with Number One, often playing null-G ball with her.  She left in 2254, and was replaced by Burnie.

    She had auburn hair, hazel eyes, and freckles on her nose.  Though a meticulous and up-to-date engineer, she was not in love with her engines and did not read technical manuals all the time; she had other interests.

    Sources: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44); The Rift (TOS #57)


2254 - 55

Burnstein, Michael "Burnie," Lieutenant


    Human male from New York.  Became chief engineer of the Enterprise after the departure of Lieutenant Commander Barry in mid-2254.  Nicknamed "Burnie" by Captain Pike after an unfortunate incident with an infrared toaster.  Departed the Enterprise in early 2255.

    Sources: "Conflicting Natures" (TOS EL); Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6)


2255 onwards

Moves-With-Burning-Grace, Lieutenant


    Moves-With-Burning-Grace was of Masai descent; his people moved to the desert world of Eristas during the first expansion from Earth.  His people are phenomenal motive engineers and Grace is no exception.  Velocity is of religious significance to his people; he finds the very idea of stillness disturbing, but finds that stargazing often helps.  Despite being an engineer, Grace considered himself a warrior and was trained in the use of the battle lance (his had been handed down to him by his forefathers), remarking that "occasionally, the old ways are still the best!"

    Before serving on the Enterprise as assistant engineer during the tenure of Robert April, Grace served on the Alexander and the Lee.  He continued on the Enterprise in 2251 when Pike took command, under Chief Engineers Barry and Burnstein.  When Burnstein left in early 2255, he finally became chief engineer himself.

    Sources: "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1); "Our Dearest Blood" (EV #3); "Cloak and Dagger, Part II" (EV #6)

Assistant Engineer  

up to 2255

Van Hansen, Lieutenant


    Assistant engineer to Chief Grace.  Known as "Van" for short.  Killed in 2255 during the Battle of Theta Kalyb with the Chakuun.

    Source: "The Fallen, Part II" (EV #10)


2255 onwards

Samson, Shane, Lieutenant


    Assistant engineer on the Achilles until that vessel was destroyed in 2255 at the Battle of Theta Kalyb.  Transferred to the Enterprise as assistant to Chief Grace, replacing the late Van Hansen.  Independent and irreverent to a fault, Samson frequently clashed with Grace, who described him as "loud, arrogant, and full of himself."

    Sources: "Futures, Part I" (EV #12); "Thanatos" (EV #16)

Junior Engineers  


Brien, Bob, Lieutenant


    Bob Brien was Scotty's roommate aboard the Enterprise.  He was almost six foot four, had a head of dark curly hair, and blue eyes.  He assisted Scotty in the creation of engine-room hooch.

    Source: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44)



Dan, Ars, Lieutenant


    A short Dioptan male with a reddish complexion and a gnarled, troll-like face.  Assisted Captain Pike on Areta by impersonating a mutant in 2254.

    Source: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44)



Scott, Montgomery "Scotty," Lieutenant j.g.

Image File

    "Scotty" was assigned to the Enterprise in 2254, where his attempt at engine-room hooch nearly made the entire ship ill.  He remained on board, being eventually promoted to lieutenant.  During stressful situations, it was usually he that communicated with the Bridge rather than Barry.  In 2262, at the end of the Enterprise's third five-year mission, he was promoted to lieutenant commander and chief engineer, a position he held through the refit and into Kirk's captaincy of the vessel.

    Sources: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44); Enterprise: The First Adventure (TOS); The Rift (TOS #57)



Spahn, Ensign


    Vulcan male.  Accompanied Spock on away missions to GS931 and Areta in 2254.

    Source: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44)



Garrison, CPO

Image File

    One of the members of the away team to Talos IV in 2254.  He assisted with preparations for Boyce's birthday in 2256.  Discussed Lieutenant Tyler's involvement with a love life with Crewman Sellers, Crewman Mancuso, and Lieutenant Spock in 2258.

    Sources: "The Menagerie" (TOS episode novelization); Legacy (TOS #56)

    Note: The fact that Garrison is an engineer is pure supposition; no position is ever given.  His name is spelled "Garison" in The Rift (TOS #57).



Wright, Crewman


    Human male.  Was left in temporary command of Engineering in 2255 while Chief Grace went to his quarters to obtain a Masai battle lance.

    Source: "Cloak and Dagger, Part II" (EV #6)

Transporter Operators  


Abeldenaby, Chief

Image File

    The extremely skilled transporter operator of the Enterprise.  Went on shore leave with Lieutenant Spock and Crewman Pitcairn in 2260.

    Source: Legacy (TOS #56)

    Note: Abeldenaby is probably the large fellow seen operating the transporter in "The Cage" (TOS).



Pitcairn, Nils, Crewman

Image File

    A Starfleet career man who considered a track in Engineering, but opted for transporters instead.  Assisted with preparations for Boyce's birthday in 2256.  Went on shore leave with Lieutenant Spock and Chief Abeldenaby in 2260.

    Sources: Legacy (TOS #56); "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1)

    Note:  Pitcairn is probably the smaller, glasses-wearing person seen operating the transporter in The Cage (TOS #56).  He is called chief transporter officer in The Rift (TOS #57), though this contradicts Legacy (TOS #56), which must take place later.



Yamata, Crewman


    Assisted Pitcairn in beaming the Calligar aboard the Enterprise in 2254.

    Source: The Rift (TOS #57)





Chief of Security  

2253 onwards

Orloff, Lieutenant Commander


    Short man born in 2216.  Became chief of security of the Enterprise in 2253.  Extremely physically fit.

    Source: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44)

Security Section Commanders  


Bryce, Pete, Lieutenant


    Human male.  One of Orloff's section commanders in Security.

    Source: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44)


up to 2254

Reed, Daniel, Lieutenant


    Human male.  One of Orloff's section commanders in Security.  In 2254, he was discovered to actually be one-eighth Vulcan, a descendant of T'Dess, a Vulcan woman exiled to Earth because she had been raped by a human.  She worked as a servant for a wealthy old man, and they married, creating a child, then a grandchild through gene splicing.  T'Dess was of the Clan Archendia, the keepers of the Glory, and she told Reed that the Glory that had been lost on the He-shii was a fake, but Archendia could not admit it because it would reveal many Vulcans had died for a glass duplicate.  When the Enterprise recovered the Glory in 2254, he stole it, planning to return to Vulcan with T'Dess and expose Archendia, gaining revenge on the family that had exiled T'Dess.  Reed was apprehended by Spock, and T'Dess's story was proven to be a lie, as the Glory was actually a real emerald.

    Source: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44)



Takahara, Myoki, Lieutenant


    One of Orloff's section commanders in Security.  She has dark eyes.

    Source: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44)


Endel, Lieutenant j.g


    Kelyan male.  One of Orloff's section commanders in Security.  Reptilian humanoid with grayish scaly skin and a long sinuous body.  Assisted Captain Pike on Areta by impersonating a mutant in 2254.

    Source: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44)

Junior Security Officers  


Garrett, Lieutenant


    Security officer that accompanied Pike's team to the surface of Devernia in late 2254.

    Source: Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6)


up to 2254

Ranger, Ensign


    Human male.  Vaporized in a Klingon attack on the Project Pharos communications/sensor tower in 2254 on Stardate 2378.1.

    Source: "The Fires of Pharos" (EV #2)



Trawley, Ensign


    Human male.  Saved by Captain Pike while surveying Corinthia VII in 2255.  By 2265, he was ranked commander and the commanding officer of a class-J cargo ship being used for cadet training by Starfleet Academy.

    Source: "A Private Anecdote" (TOS SNW)


up to 2255

Williams, Ensign


    Human male.  Killed by a native creature while surveying Corinthia VII in 2255.

    Source: "A Private Anecdote" (TOS SNW)





Chief Navigator  


Tyler, Josť, Lieutenant

Image File

    Hispanic Human male born in 2220.  Served on the Tiberius under April in 2242.  He was a hothead at the Academy, but managed to scrape through.  April straightened him out and he later served with him on the Enterprise as assistant navigator from 2245 to 2250.  Tyler became chief navigator upon Pike's assumption of command in 2251.  He was fond of boxing and often sparred with Captain Pike.  Injured during the battle on Rigel VII in 2254.

    Tyler had a number of romances while on the Enterprise.  From the moment Yeoman Colt came aboard in 2254 he was attracted to her, though she did not learn this for some time.  Later that year, he met Ecma of the Calligar, whom he would later marry.  In 2255, Colt finally learned of his feelings for her and the two dated for some time, though they eventually broke up as by 2258 he was romantically involved with a princess from Kalajia VII -- though he refused to tell anyone.

    Sources: "The Cage" (TOS); Legacy (TOS #56); "A Private Anecdote" (TOS SNW); The Rift (TOS #57); "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1); "Immortal Wounds" (EV #8); "The Fallen, Part I" (EV #10); "The Fallen, Part II" (EV #11)

    Note:  In "Futures, Part I" (EV #12), Tyler sees a vision of himself commanding a starship in movie-era uniforms.  The fits in with his appearance as a commodore in 2287 in The Rift (TOS #57).

Assistant Navigator  


Andela, Lieutenant


    Assistant navigator of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Andela was on bridge duty in early 2254 and plotted a course to Areta.

    Source: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44)

Junior Navigator  


Mancuso, Crewman


    Enterprise crewmember who claimed he saw Lieutenant Tyler and the Kalajian princess together in 2258.

    Source: Legacy (TOS #56)

    Note:  Mancuso's assignment is conjectural.





Chief of Communications  

2251 -  54

Zacharia, Lieutenant


    Female communications officer.  Left the Enterprise in 2254.

    Source: Vulcan's Glory (TOS #44)


2254 - 55

Dabisch, Lieutenant


    Gallamite male with scaly purple skin, a transparent cranium, and glowing fuchsia eyes.  He makes a honking noise for laughter.  Dabisch came on board the Enterprise in 2254, replacing Lieutenant Zacharia.  He was replaced by his assistant, Lieutenant Nano, when he left in 2255.

    Sources: "Conflicting Natures" (TOS EL); Where Sea Meets Sky (TOS CT#6)

    Note: Dabisch's race is given as "Galamite" in Where Sea Meets Sky.


2255 onwards

Nano, Lieutenant

    A purple Lirin with an unusual cranium.  He was assistant communications officer under Lieutenant Zacharia in 2254 and served on Bridge duty during several crises.  He was also assistant to Lieutenant Dabisch until he became chief himself in early 2255.

    The only emissary ever dispatched by the Lirin culture, which has a delicately balanced finite population where everyone serves a specific function.  After making contact with the Federation in 2225, the Lirin generated Nano to serve as their emissary to the Federation.  This means Nano can never return home, as he would disrupt the status quo.  Like all members of his race, Nano is a skilled pyrotechnic, able to mentally generate fires.

    Nano was part of the away team to Rigel VII in 2254, where he was injured.  In 2255, Nano was summoned back to his homeworld, after the unexpected death of a member of the Lirin Unity.  Nano was to act as replacement, but the shared consciousness of the worldmind repelled his attempts to rejoin it.  With the help of Spock and Tyler, he learned that the deaths were outbursts of the Unity's uncontrollable fear of the outside world.  He suggested the insular Unity ask the Federation for help and rejoined the Enterprise crew.

    Sources: "Flesh of My Flesh" (EV #1), "Our Dearest Blood" (EV #3); "One of a King" (EV #9)

Junior Communications  


Vincent, Lieutenant


    Officer under Lieutenant Zacharia in 2254.  Served on the Bridge during the discovery of Pike's Rift.

    Source: The Rift (TOS #57)



Uhura, Nyota, Lieutenant j.g.

Image File

    Uhura, who hailed from the United States of Africa, came aboard the Enterprise relatively late in the third five-year mission.  When the ship returned to spacedock in 2262 she was promoted to full lieutenant and chief of communications.  She held this position during the refit under Pike and into Kirk's captaincy.

    Source: Enterprise: The First Adventure (TOS)

    Note: Enterprise: The First Adventure states that Uhura was inherited from Pike along with Spock and Scotty.  This is contradicted by Constitution (TOS #86), in which it is said that Uhura is coming aboard as a replacement for Alden, who manned Communications in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (TOS).



Sellers, Crewman


    Discussed Lieutenant Tyler's love life with Lieutenant Spock and Chief Garrison in 2258.  Went on an investigative away team with Spock in 2260.

    Source: Legacy (TOS #56)

    Note:  Sellers' assignment is conjectural.